Vocational training integrating the manufacture and sale of food products

El proyecto

The expansion of Bakers in Training will leverage lessons learned from Hot Bread Kitchen’s eight years of experience in workforce development and will position them to increasingly impact the lives of generations of women and lift families from poverty.
Hot Bread Kitchen will train hundreds of low income women and place 100% of graduates in full time jobs with benefits. They will also develop, test, and document a new vocational training-to-work model, and expand operations into a second US city.

Fondation CHANEL is supporting Hot Bread Kitchen to expand its operations in New York City; to develop and test a revised vocational training model that could reduce both the time and costs involved in transitioning women into stable jobs; and to begin operations in a second US city. The Foundation is providing technical assistance on operations and other business functions to support Hot Bread Kitchen’s growth.

El compañero

Hot Bread Kitchen creates economic opportunities for low-income women with employment barriers. The Bakers in Training program offers women 6-9 months of paid on-the-job training. Hot Bread Kitchen also operates a shared commercial kitchen and business support program for small culinary businesses and incubates a women-owned food cooperative.

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