Training and Employing Women Journalists

El proyecto

With Fondation CHANEL’s support, the Global Press Institute aims to create systemic change in the field of USA and international journalism by employing women from US Tribal Nations, Mexico and Haiti to produce high-quality, diverse, cost-effective journalism that will increase global awareness and ignite social change.

Fondation CHANEL is partnering with the Global Press Institute to recruit, train and employ 46 female journalists from five US Tribal Nations, Cap Haitien, Haiti and Oaxaca, Mexico. By adding these new voices to international journalism- through GPI’s growing Americas news desk – we aim to elevate awareness on social issues and women’s leadership for a global audience of more than 20 million per month.

El compañero

Global Press Institute offers an unparalleled training-to-employment program in developing media markets that prepares women from diverse backgrounds (educational, socioeconomic, religious, tribal, ethnic) to become professional journalists. Many of them go on to work for the multi-award winning Global Press Journal.

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Última actualización : 01/03/2020

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