Raising Awareness about women’s rights and their role in society

El proyecto

Media is a proven tool to influence behavior change and raise awareness, as such the Womanity Foundation has created an animated fiction series that aims to engage Arab societies in an open and constructive debate on women’s rights and their role in society. Originally broadcast over the radio, the Be 100 Ragl program developed into an online animated edutainment series that challenges gender stereotypes, tackles adverse social norms and offers a variety of perspectives on the issue, aiming to influence, and ultimately, create favorable attitudes and behaviors towards women.

Since 2016, Fondation CHANEL has been supporting the Womanity Foundation to create and distribute the Be 100 Ragl program in Arabic in 15 countries. In 2018, Fondation CHANEL renewed its support to Womanity to pursue the development and online distribution of the Be 100 Ragl web series. Online engagement is also completement by off-line discussions that provide information, increase awareness and knowledge, and contextualize the content with real life circumstances.

El compañero

The Womanity Foundation is an international non-profit organization that aims to empower girls and women in developing countries to shape their future and accelerate progress within their communities. Womanity provides education and vocational training, supports social enterprises benefitting women, creates economic opportunities, and supports initiatives to keep women safe from violence.

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