Providing women in prison access to employment and vocational training so they have a “second chance” to rebuild their lives

El proyecto

Officina Creativa aims to provide incarcerated women a chance to improve their lives by allowing them to participate in developing and managing the organization’s social brand “Made in Carcere.”  In addition to being involved in manufacturing the products, the women will enhance their entrepreneurial skills and learn to manage the brand’s marketing, communication and social media activities.

Fondation CHANEL is supporting Officina Creativa in designing and delivering a managerial and entrepreneurial training program,  equipping a new work area in the prison and  promoting the products made by the incarcerated women. With the support of the Fondation CHANEL, 20 women will receive operational and managerial skills training in order to obtain a job or start a business once they are released from prison.

El compañero

Officina Creativa is a socially conscious company active in the rehabilitation and reintegration of incarcerated women. The organization is behind the “Made in Carcere” brand, which was launched in 2007 and aims to give women a second chance, and give new life to objects made with recycled products and waste.

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