Preserving and spreading indigenous women’s voice.

El proyecto

En Terre Indigène is working to build  an online platform for the preservation and dissemination of native women’s voices with the production of sound and photographic capsules. The platform includes 20 portraits and 20 themes to better understand and learn from these women. It aims to be a vehicle to share the memory of these populations for future generations: a place of exchange and discovery for today’s generations, a sort of laboratory of ideas for the future.

Fondation CHANEL’s support aims to assist En Terre Indigène in developing, producing and disseminating the content created on the platform.

El compañero

En Terre Indigène is a non-profit organization that aims to support indigenous peoples and their transitional societies in a globalized world.

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Última actualización : 01/03/2020

audio/video/ written portraits of women per year


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