Income diversification and networking opportunities for women farmers in Thailand

El proyecto

CARE France is working to empower women from ethnic minorities in the province of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand by enabling them to diversify their revenue sources. The goal is to increase their income by developing environmentally-friendly farming and artisanal activities (production of rice, local fruits and vegetables, and raising of livestock).

With support from the Fondation CHANEL, since 2014, CARE France has created 10 groups, composed of 185 members, in 10 villages throughout the province of Chiang Mai. The groups were able to identify the products with the greatest market potential and develop a business plan to launch their own businesses. In 2016, the Foundation renewed its support for the project in order to further build the groups capacities, increase their access to local markets, ensure that the business groups’ activities are sustainable.

El compañero

CARE France was founded in 1983 and is a member of CARE International, one of the world’s leading humanitarian groups. CARE works to end extreme poverty around the globe by implementing projects on access to education, clean water, health, food security, and income generating activities.

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