Improving refugees women’s resilience and autonomy through arts

El proyecto

The project aims to develop the social and intercultural skills of refugee women in order to restore their self-confidence, autonomy and integration into Italian society. The artistic and cultural medium is a powerful lever to rebuild and apprehend a new culture while mixing it with its own history. In addition, this support will indirectly benefit women’s children and families.

The support of  Fondation CHANEL will allow the project to confirm its methodology and its effectiveness.

El compañero

Created in 1993, Farsi Prossimo is a social co-operative managing social and educational services for fragile people through social and educational services.

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Indicadores clave

Última actualización : 01/03/2020

Of the beneficiaries declare they feel more integrated in the hosting territory


Declare increased expressive skills through the arts


Number of women beneficiaries


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