Feminising and breaking down stereotypes in the digital sector

El proyecto

SIMPLON aims to use digital as a path toward employment and integration for groups that are struggling with job placement and/or underrepresented in digital careers, with a major focus on parity and diversity. The goal of the #Hackeuses project is to feminise and break down stereotypes in the industry. SIMPLON seeks to make lasting improvements to women’s place in the digital professions by tackling the cultural and societal obstacles they may encounter in their careers.

Fondation CHANEL works alongside SIMPLON to bolster the presence of women in the digital sector by contributing to professional trainings and awareness-raising workshops for recruiters and for youth aged 7 to 18 in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. This technical and financial support makes it possible to anchor the #Hackeuses programme for the long run and in various locations.

El compañero

Simplon is a free school founded in 2013 which gives digital training to marginalised individuals or people changing careers. Backed by a network of 41 “social factories” around the world, Simplon also advises businesses in their digital transformation and helps build websites.

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Number of women who have been trained to digital professions


Number of children and young people sensitized to the topics of gender and inclusion in the tech industry


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