Evaluating the efficacy of intensive, long-term support for at-risk women

El proyecto

In 2012, Roca launched the Young Mothers Program, a dual-generation intervention for extremely high-risk, pregnant or parenting young women who could not succeed in traditional programming due to critical life circumstances or behavioral challenges.
No other organization in the United States serves this group of high-risk young mothers and children, while Roca’s programs and outcomes suggest that the model has big potential to be effective for mothers and children alike.


Fondation CHANEL is partnering  with Roca to reach more high-risk young mothers and to demonstrate, though a third-party evaluation in partnership with the Urban Institute, that Roca’s model effectively impacts 2 generations.

El compañero

Roca’s mission is to disrupt the cycle of incarceration and poverty by helping young men and women to transform their lives. Over its 30 years of operation, Roca has been nationally and internationally recognized for its advanced use of data and performance based management to drive to outcomes.

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Última actualización : 28/06/2019

study initiated with Urban Institute to empirically demonstrate the program’s outcomes for high-risk young mothers and their children

number of mother/ baby pairs who served with 80% of mothers showing improved emotional regulation


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