Empowering indigenous women and preserving local traditional textile heritage

El proyecto

Fundación CODESPA is working to improve the livelihoods of 700 indigenous women from communities near Lake Titicaca in Peru and Bolivia with high levels of poverty. By training the women in improved textile skills and creating market opportunities for them. CODESPA is increasing their access to economic opportunities. The region has experienced a boom in tourism recently and demand for traditional handicraft products is increasing, representing an important opportunity for economic development.

Fondation CHANEL is supporting Fundación CODESPA to develop a training program for indigenous women in the Lake Titicaca region in Bolivia and Peru. The project not only aims to improve the social and economic inclusion of vulnerable women, but also to preserve the local traditional textile heritage.
The project will provide professional certification for textile skills and sustainable links with local and international demand. Contributing to an increase in income for the women and their families.

El compañero

Fundación CODESPA is an international non-profit organization that aims to empower the poor by increasing their access to economic and social opportunities, so that they can, through their own work, improve their skills and take charge of their own development.

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