Creating job opportunities and building self-confidence for the most vulnerable women

El proyecto

The “Les Essenti’Elles” program envisions a different approach to readying women for the workplace. The goal is to is develop their skills and expand their employment opportunities with adapted sewing workshops and training that leads to certification. This project will also enable women on the job market to relearn how to take care of themselves, ensure their voices are heard and make decisions for themselves.

Fondation CHANEL is supporting the “Les Essenti’Elles” program implemented by Emmaüs Défi to empower women with a three-pronged approach: build women’s self-esteem in their job search with workshops on social esthetics, self-presentation and theater; train women in different sewing skills by creating a dedicated workshop; and teach them sales techniques to broaden their professional horizons.

El compañero

Emmaüs Défi is a social innovation lab whose mission is to identify the best solutions to fight extreme social exclusion and enable everyone to find personal dignity and a role in society. Its main business activity is upcycling used objects.

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Indicadores clave

employees have been trained to acquire technical couture skills


women have reinforced their self confidence thank to self presentation workshops


women have followed sales trainings


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