Campaign to raise awareness about women’s and girls’ sexual and reproductive health and rights

El proyecto

The I LADY (Love, Act, Decide, Yourself) program is a campaign to raise awareness among women and girls about their sexual and reproductive health and to empower them to make their own decisions. The campaign reaches out to women and girls through various online media, including the I LADY website and social media, as well as through events and study sessions. Additionally, the campaign works with a network of “Activists” who organize awareness raising activities.

Fondation CHANEL is supporting JOICFP to expand its I LADY program enabling it to reach more women and girls, not only in urban areas but in rural areas as well. JOICFP will develop new content for its website, educational and awareness raising tools as well as exhibit materials. Additionally, with the support of the Fondation CHANEL, JOICFP is working to adapt the campaign to make it more inclusive of men and boys, who play a key role in changing mentalities and behaviors.

El compañero

JOICFP is a Japanese non-governmental organization that strives to achieve universal access to sexual and reproductive health services, rights, and information – including maternal health and family planning – for women and girls around the world.  JOICFP has worked in over 30 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

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Última actualización : 01/03/2020

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