Building resilience for grassroots women leaders

El proyecto

HER Fund provides provides funding support and capacity building to grassroots women’s organizations based in Hong Kong. Among the organizations, many of these women leaders themselves have faced discrimination and are members of the very communities they are seeking to support. The program aims to support the women to improve their resistence to stress, improve general management of their organizations, and implement better projects for their targeted beneficiaries.

Fondation CHANEL is supporting HER Fund to develop and deliver a two-year in-depth capacity-building program for leaders of grassroots women’s organizations. The program will help women leaders build skills and networks enabling them to gain the individual and collective strength they need to sustain their efforts to end poverty and challenge inequalities and discrimination.

El compañero

HER Fund is the only community fund in Hong Kong that provides grants and organizes capacity building programs for grassroots women’s organizations working to combat gender-based violence, reduce poverty, end discrimination, and promote women’s civic participation.

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