Assisting women over the age of 45 in returning to the workforce and creating businesses

El proyecto

This project seeks to help unemployed women over the age of 45 return to the workforce, either as employees or as business owners. The support provided by Force Femmes tackles the specific problems faced by these women, from self-discrimination to lack of self-confidence. With group workshops and individual counseling, the program’s beneficiaries managed to move past their preconceived notions and their own anxiety. They come to realize that their availability and their experience are real assets in the job market.

The Fondation CHANEL is helping Force Femmes expand its activities across all of France so that it can meet the needs of each woman in consideration of the specific characteristics of the regions and their local economic dynamics. The long-term vision of Force Femmes is for every woman to live within 60 miles of an outpost.

El compañero

Force Femmes is a registered charitable association whose goal is to assist and support unemployed women over the age of 45 in their efforts to return to work or start a business. It operates in 11 French cities.


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Última actualización : 12/11/2018

Number of women accompanied in their search for a job in 2018


Number of entrepreneures accompanied in the creation of their business in 2017


Percentage of women who declared being satisfied with the program


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