Reintegrating violence survivors into communities and workforce in North Africa

The project

KARAMA (“Dignity” in Arabic) supports initiatives for social and economic inclusion of women who have experienced violence in the popular areas of Rabat, Cairo and Tunis. They raise awareness to prevent violence, create safe spaces for such women and assist with socio-economic reintegration. The project adopts a holistic approach:  the centers provide psychological, health, social and legal support to these women, as well as training and assistance in job search.

With support from Fondation CHANEL, KARAMA aims to assist women who have experienced violence to empower themselves so they can reintegrate their communities and the workforce, notably thanks to trainings and sensitization sessions to women themselves, community leaders and the public opinion.

The partner

BATIK International, established in 1998, works with women and youth in communities in a vulnerable situation. It aims at increasing the agency of these populations through three mains areas of intervention: access to rights, capacity building and socio-economic inclusion.

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