Contributing to women-led households’ stability and improved economic participation in remote regions

The project

Fonkoze will provide comprehensive services to help households living in ultra poverty stabilize their situations and build sustainable livelihoods and entreprenurial skills. Through their Boutik Sante program, they will support women entrepreneurs to improve access to health products, screening services, and information in their communities. A key component of the program will address gender relations and gender-based violence

Fondation CHANEL will support Fonkoze in expanding their intensive training program for women living in extreme poverty in remote areas of Haiti, as well as integrating curriculum on gender relations and gender-based violence for program participants.

The partner

For over twenty-five years, Fonkoze has served as one of Haiti’s most treasured domestic institutions, owing to its unique approach to microfinance and economic empowerment of women rooted in the culture, challenges and strengths of Haiti.

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