Fondation CHANEL supports its partners with expertise and resources to deepen their impact at all levels.

Our support


Fondation CHANEL engages in partnerships with the desire to impact individual women and organizations that benefit women. It seeks to achieve tangible, sustainable results for women’s empowerment and rights in one or multiple areas:

  • Safety and Inclusion
  • Economic autonomy and Leadership

The foundation team analyses proposals based on relevance, sustainability, financial viability and capacity to measure impact. New partnerships are approved frequently throughout the year.


Fondation CHANEL supports non-profit organizations, women’s associations, community organizations, social enterprises, and national or regional pooled funds.

Projects are generally 2-3 years in duration.

The location of projects must be focused in one or several of the foundation’s priority countries.
Organizations seeking funding must demonstrate that they possess the necessary skill and experience to implement programs responsibly and achieve measurable results related to gender equality.

The following types of requests are not eligible for support from Fondation CHANEL:

  • Specifical events, particularly those that serve advertising or commercial interests
  • Scholarships or individual research grants
  • Projects that serve a religious purpose

If you want to submit a project: CLICK HERE


Proposals must be clear, concise and complete. They should focus on specific project content and avoid general information.
Additionally, proposals should be:


Based on clear situation analysis and evidence review related to gender equality.


Projects should be developed with long-term sustainability in mind.


Complete information about the partner organization and project should be available in a way that reveals the partner’s capacity to provide quality technical and financial reports at regular intervals.

In English or French

All records and documents can be submitted in English or French.

L’ECHELLE (“The Scale”)


This innovative initiative was launched in 2019 in France and aims to provide operational support for small organizations at a turning point in their activity.

How do I submit a project to “L’Echelle” program?

Submissions can be made when a call for proposals is made public on this site. Please note that the L’Echelle program is only currently active in France.