Key figures 2017-2018

Current projects supported

+ 70

Duration of

3-5 years

number of countries where Fondation CHANEL is supporting projects


Supporting girls to secure access to health and education for a better future

women and girls benefitted from improved access to health services



women and girls completed vocational training programs

Ensuring girls’ access to education and basic health services is fundamental to achieving gender equality. Informing, raising awareness and mobilizing boys, and girls from a very early age is also vital.

Supporting women today to advance their economic and social independence and leadership roles

Fondation CHANEL supports projects offering a comprehensive response and long-term access to economic resources for women.

women started businesses



women gained employment

Contributing to changing social norms through information and awareness raising campaigns

Men and women trained on gender equality issues


12 Million

people received gender-sensitive information through mass communication campaigns

Advancing the role of women in society also means bringing about lasting changes in attitudes and deconstructing gender stereotypes. Strengthening organizations working to achieve this contributes to the sustainability of these initiatives.

Arts and Culture Promoting the role and visibility of women

The Foundation’s activities in this area focus on two main pillars: a means of social and economic integration for women and a way to raise awareness and change mentalities.

people informed about the role of women in the arts and culture.

3 million

enhancing knowledge and developing good practices


of projects are submitted to external evaluation

supported projects undergo a capitalization analysis


To ensure the effectiveness of programs on gender equality, it is necessary to have reliable, robust and up-to-date gender disaggregated data.

Bringing together our partners to strengthen their development and the impact of their activities

Grassroots organizations working to promote women’s rights and empowerment require various types of support to carry out their remarkable work. To this end, Fondation CHANEL creates space for dialogue and mutual enrichment


Number of «Ensemble» Fondation CHANEL’s Partners Seminar since its creation.