When women thrive,
the world thrives

Our mission

The mission of Fondation CHANEL is to support gender equality and the advancement of women and adolescent girls as agents of change in society.

The Foundation works in partnership with nonprofit organizations, social enterprises and institutions worldwide to address overlapping discriminations against women and adolescent girls, uphold human rights, and build a more inclusive society for all.

Since 2011, Fondation CHANEL supports projects on all continents with financial, human and technical means, giving priority to stable countries.
It commits to long term partnerships that promote scaling up, social innovation, and tailor-made support.
It strives to provide a customized and collaborative approach by promoting new strategies for women’s rights and gender equality.

How we work

An integrated approach

The Foundation adopts a holistic perspective on gender equality: rather than focusing on a specific aspect of women’s identities or a specific part of their lives, the Foundation embraces women in their wholeness and in the interplay of their complex identities.

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A committed team of experts

The Foundation’s team is comprised of diverse professionals from the fields of international development, social justice and the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. The Foundation’s Governance is made up of company executives and external experts.

A private and independent structure

Fondation CHANEL is a private structure organized into three entities, in London, New York and Paris.

A legacy

gabrielle chanel

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different

Gabrielle CHANEL
Her journey

The mission of Fondation CHANEL was inspired by the heritage of Gabrielle CHANEL, who through her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, overcame major obstacles and stereotypes to achieve her goals.