Accessibility and Sustainability

This website has been designed to provide an efficient user experience while promoting eco-responsible digital techniques. In terms of digital accessibility, our website has been designed to offer optimal and optimised navigation, certified RGAA 4.0 and WCAG 2.1. by an independent external body.

In our desire to disseminate the good practices that we support or implement, we share here various structuring elements that have guided the design of the website.


  1. Colour atmosphere: choice of colour palette with low energy consumption
  2. Typography: use of few typographies and privileged use of webfont
  3. Dimension of the visuals: optimization of the size and weight of the visuals
  4. Art direction: graphic choices to optimize the overall weight of the site
  5. Functionality: functional sobriety to offer only useful features to Internet users


  1. Contrast: sufficient contrast, to the nearest pixel, between text and background
  2. Visuals: alternative text for each image
  3. Action: each action on the site is explicitly indicated
  4. Navigation: navigation by touch and keyboard
  5. HTML language: using semantic HTML elements to structure content
  6. Source code: source code configured to allow for a relevant read order