Create and distribute online animated stories to educate women about their rights and their role in society

El proyecto

To overcome a significant knowledge gap, the Womanity Foundation created a video series to address multiple topics: divorce, domestic violence, access to education, careers, the status of single women, intimate relationships and more. More than 1.9 million people have already watched the episodes, which have been released online and broadcast on television. To encourage viewers to share their thoughts, the Womanity Foundation is fostering a constructive dialogue about the topics addressed by organizing public discussions with its partners.

Since 2016, the Fondation CHANEL has been supporting the Womanity Foundation to create and distribute fictional works in Arabic in 15 countries, which challenge biases and promote gender equality awareness. The Foundation also supports the organization of various public events focusing on these subjects.

El compañero

The Womanity Foundation was created to improve the lives of women and their communities. It works with other organizations to develop innovative international programs that can be easily replicated. Its main areas of action are professional training and education.

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