Women’s artists rewarded at the Ministry of Culture

First AWARE prize winners exhibited at the French Ministry of Culture and Communication
Since 2016, Fondation CHANEL has been supporting AWARE, Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions, whose purpose is to showcase the work of female artists and give them the place they deserve in the history of art.
The AWARE prize was created after observing that women are under-represented among recognized artists. “Only a very small number of women are nominated for or win the most prestigious contemporary art prizes,” explained Camille Morineau, chairwoman of AWARE.
On 31 January, in partnership with the French Ministry of Culture and Communication in Paris, the non-profit organisation launched its first award ceremony. A jury of four experts nominated eight artists for the AWARE prize dedicated to artists with a 10 year career and the Honor prize for established artists.. For this first year, the prize winners are Laetitia Badaut Haussmann and Judit Reigl.
“In the fight for gender equality, artistic creation is one of our weapons.” Audrey Azoulay, French Minister of Culture and Communication.
The works will be displayed at the Ministry of Culture and Communication from 31 January 2017 until 31 March 2017   – 3, rue de Valois, 75001 Paris
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