When women transform cities

On 20 September 2016 the France Médiation network, a partner of Fondation CHANEL since 2014, issued its report on the nationwide testing of women’s safety audits.
This approach involves mobilizing and using the expertise of local women to improve their urban environment. In the priority neighbourhoods, almost a third of women feel unsafe. This fear can lead them to avoid or desert public spaces and restrict their activities and participation in community life.
Fondation CHANEL took part in this project alongside Laurence Rossignol, French Minister for Families, Children and Women’s Rights, Patrick Kanner, French Minister for Urban Affairs, Youth and Sport and Hélène Geoffroy, French Minister of State responsible for urban affairs.
Since 2014, the Foundation has been working with the France Médiation network to coordinate the nationwide testing of women’s safety audits in 12 French cities. This innovative project seeks to reinforce the role of women in local participatory democracy and the public arena by enabling them to collectively inform local public authorities of their expectations.
The extremely positive feedback confirms the usefulness of the project. Safety audits are a lever to promote the social participation of women who are usually isolated from political decision-making bodies. They improve the self-esteem of local women and rebuild social ties within the community. The women involved get to know each other and share their viewpoints and ideas.
The Minister of Urban Affairs, Youth and Sport has announced his desire to generalize safety audits in all priority neighbourhoods of French cities, as a tool for strengthening local democracy.

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// Recent News // The ABNL Non Profit Awards 2016, which reward public interest activities co-developed by associations and foundations/companies took place on 24 November. Five duos were rewarded, including France Médiation and Fondation CHANEL which received the “Citizenship and education” prize.

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