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Through her entrepreneurial spirit and creativity, Gabrielle Chanel radically changed the norms of fashion, established new standards of elegance, and inspired a new vision of a free and active woman. Her remarkable story is that of a woman who overcame great obstacles and achieved independence and professional success by her own means.

Building on this heritage, and inspired by women everywhere, Chanel created its corporate foundation, which is dedicated to supporting women as agents of social change throughout the world.

Discover Gabrielle Chanel’s story

” If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing “
Gabrielle Chanel



Fondation CHANEL works to improve the economic and social conditions of women and adolescent girls. In 2016, it expanded its commitment to include the promotion of women in the arts and culture.

To achieve its mission, it supports innovative development projects and provides guidance to non-profit organizations and social enterprises in Europe, the Unites States and abroad.


Our mission


Advance women’s and girl’s  independence and empowerment around the world by increasing access to economic resources and entrepreneurship, education and training, leadership and decision-making as well as health, sports and culture.

On a case- by- case basis, Fondation CHANEL has also supported emergency projects affecting vulnerable populations and, in particular, women and children.

The House of Chanel has always maintained a special appreciation for the arts. As such, Fondation CHANEL supports cultural events and the promotion of female artists.

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Fondation CHANEL leverages the diverse skills of its employees to support its non-profit partners and beneficiaries. By offering their competencies as savoir-faire in a variety of fields, Chanel employees can support projects and participate in the capacity building of non-profit partners.

Throughout the year, the Foundation works with employees of the House of Chanel to inform them about its projects and mobilize expert technical support to meet the expressed needs of its non-profit partners around the world.



To sustain its commitment to women, Fondation CHANEL supports knowledge generation for the philanthropic sector through operational research, program evaluation and case studies.

The Foundation actively contributes to the Chanel Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. It is also involved in philanthropy networks internationally, such as the French Center for Funds and Foundations, the European Foundation Centre.

As a bridge between the company and non-profit partners, Fondation CHANEL embodies a lasting commitment for women and girls worldwide.



Fondation CHANEL is a private and independent structure organized into two branches, one in Paris and one in New York.

The team of 8 employees in France and the United States works closely with Chanel offices in all countries. The Foundation Board consists of Chanel executives and experts from the non-profit sector.

Fondation CHANEL supports projects on all continents with financial, human and technical means, giving priority to stable countries.
It commits to long term partnerships that promote scaling up, social innovation, collaboration and leverage effects.

It strives to provide a customized and collaborative approach by promoting new strategies for women’s rights and empowerment




Between 2011 and 2015, Fondation CHANEL supported over 20 diverse projects around the world, leading to capitalising on best practice for the future strategic plan that has been developed until 2020. These results include :



women supported


projects supported in 16 countries


experimental projects pursued


projects benefited from direct technical assistance


Chanel employees involved

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