#WonderSportWomen, sport as a tool for self-confidence

The new book, #WonderSportWomen by Emmanuelle Jabbert, co-founder of the think tank Sport and Citizenship, showcases the experience of 23 inspiring women well-known in their professional fields, who also have a rich personal engagement in sports. This book is composed of interviews and photographs and illustrates how sports can build self-confidence, well-being, productivity, creativity and strengthen the status of women in society.
Miren Bengoa, Executive Director of Fondation CHANEL and chairwoman of the French National Committee for UN Women , talks about the importance of sports in her life. Over time, her personal dedication to dance became part of who she is and her commitment to women’s rights. She sets out the strong vision that motivates her: “regardless of the discipline,the concentration or determination required, perseverance is a key lesson in life”.
Sports also play an important role in strengthening personal development and promoting social and professional integration. In today’s world, women’s energy is a key driver for innovation. Women must take up their role and be daring. Sports are a way of doing so. “Culture and Sport” is one of Fondation CHANEL’s 5 major areas for action. The participation of women and young girls in sporting activities makes it possible to fight against sexist stereotypes and eliminate deep-rooted discriminatory attitudes and behaviour.  With innovative projects in France, the United Kingdom and internationally, the Foundation is continuing to define good practices for integration through sports, to share on a wider scale.
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