Youth mentoring to develop their solidarity initiatives


Unis Cité



Thematic area

Leadership and decision making


Since 2016


The context

70% of young people want to engage in community mobilization projects, but only 15% take action; 45% of women are afraid to fail when faced with creating their own initiatives.

Very few resources are available to young entrepreneurs without specific prerequisite skills.


The project

Unis-Cité’s Dream & Perform project aims to develop young people through social entrepreneurship experiences. It offers them the opportunity to develop their own projects to achieve specific social or environmental impacts. Volunteers are recruited on the sole criterion of motivation and diversity. Unis-Cité aims to recruit a large number of vulnerable youth each year (youth without employment or high school diplomas, coming from underprivileged neighborhoods/or living with disabilities). Young women are also an important target population.


The support

With support from the Fondation CHANEL, Unis-Cité will set up a gender-focused course in the Dream & Perform program. A module on “Women’s Leadership Development” will be developed and rolled out to boost their skills and self- confidence. Inspiring meetings with women entrepreneurs will be organized. Finally, a sponsorship program will match Chanel employees with beneficiaries.

The results

  • At least 50% of participants will be young women, amounting to 315 young women supported over the three-year period. Most will not have previous work experience.
  • The objective is to help young women develop their skills, personal resources and self-confidence.


The partner

Unis-Cité offers young people aged 16 to 25, from all social and cultural backgrounds and levels of education, the ability to commit to full-time and team, for 6 or 9 months on missions general interest in France.

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