Using sports to support young, vulnerable women to join the workforce

The project

Step Street, a program of the Street League sports association, supports young women in a situation of long-term unemployment through dance classes. These activities allow them to improve their health and professional and social skills.
A full program is available to them:

  • free weekly dance courses
  • group meetings between participatns and facilitators to encourage socializing skills.
  • Skills building classes 4 times per week (math, English, professional skills, personal development, preparation for professional life)
  • Accompaniment of several months after the program to ensure their continued employment.

The partnership with Fondation CHANEL will allow Street League to open 7 Street Step academies by 2020.

The partner

Street League is a British philanthropic organization that uses football to fight against youth unemployment. 90% of its beneficiaries being boys, it created the Step Street project to provide a response to girls and young women unemployed in the UK.

Visit the partner site

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