Using sports to support young, vulnerable women to join the workforce


Street League


United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Thematic area

Culture and sport


Since 2016


The context

In London, Glasgow and Birmingham, unemployment affects more than 23,000 young women between 16-24 years old. Many women face socio-economic barriers that constrain their education, training and access to long-term employment.


The project

Step Street, a program of the Street League sports association, supports young women in a situation of long-term unemployment through dance classes. These activities allow them to improve their health and professional and social skills.

A full program is available to them:

  • free weekly dance courses
  • group meetings between participatns and facilitators to encourage socializing skills.
  • Skills building classes 4 times per week (math, English, professional skills, personal development, preparation for professional life)
  • Accompaniment of several months after the program to ensure their continued employment.


The support

The partnership with Fondation CHANEL will allow Street League to open 7 Street Step academies by 2020.

The results

  • The objective is to enable 700 young women to develop the employability skills, with 70% of programme completers gaining a stable employment outcome within 6 weeks of completing the Academy programme.
  • 300 young people to successfully complete a well-structured work experience placement in their chosen area of interest and improved literacy and numeracy skills of 600 unemployed young people.


The partner

Street League is a British philanthropic organization that uses football to fight against youth unemployment. 90% of its beneficiaries being boys, it created the Step Street project to provide a response to girls and young women unemployed in the UK.

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