Train vulnerable migrants to access the Chinese labor market



Thematic area

Education and training


since 2016


The context

Beijing is one of the most populated cities in the world, with 21 million inhabitants, more than 8 million migrant residents. Many of them are young people, faced with problems of education and employment. While cities experiencing exponential economic growth, young migrants from rural areas are excluded from these opportunities,  due to a lack of job skills or entrepreneurial skills.


The project

Plan International France aims to improve the integration and employability of young migrants, especially young women, and provide them with professional and financial training, support in their daily lives and preparation for joining the local workforce.

In parallel, Plan International France identifies potential recruiters and promotes their linkage with young migrants.


The support

Fondation CHANEL supports this project to aiming to provide training to 900 migrants from 16 to 40 years, 80% of whom are women from poor households, ethnic minority groups, orphans and/or people living with disabilities or HIV/ AIDS.

This project  will recruit 30 trainers and staff to ensure the training of beneficiaries.

The results

  • 900 vulnerable migrants can improve their access to the labour market and to decent jobs.


The partner

Plan International France conducts development programs to give children and young people the means to build their future. The organisation leads including various actions to fight against the barriers to girls’ education and changing attitudes. 900 vulnerable migrants can improve their access to the labour market and to decent jobs

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