Supporting disadvantaged women to create their own businesses and escape poverty

The project

In Marseille and Pointe-à-Pitre, where the unemployment rate among women is particularly high, Adie supported disadvantaged female entrepreneurs to launch their own businesses by providing access to microloans of an average of €3,000 each. The organization also hosted networking events for their loan recipients to encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Fondation CHANEL partnered with Adie to carry out a combined microfinance and mentoring pilot project involving support of 75 female entrepreneurs in Marseille and 45 in Pointe-à-Pitre to create a new business or develop an existing one. Over the life of the project, knowledge sharing events were also held during which Chanel volunteers provided training in customer relations, merchandising, brand identity and imports-exports to enhance the business acumen of the project beneficiaries and of the Adie management teams.

The partner

Adie helps those who lack access to the traditional banking system to launch their own businesses by providing microloans and personalized business development support.

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