Promoting the social inclusion of vulnerable families from slum areas in India





Thematic area

Health and Social protection


Since 2017


The context

Around 24% of urban Indian households live in slum areas surrounding the country’s major cities. Families in these slums often face extreme poverty and struggle to provide for even their most basic needs. Although there are many services available to them – including health services, child protection services, and schools – countless families are unaware of their existence or do not know how to benefit from them.


The project

ATIA provides support services to vulnerable and economically disadvantaged communities living in some of the poorest slums of Mumbai and Jaipur, in India. The project aims to significantly reduce social issues in these slum areas – including a lack of access to healthcare services and to education – by providing women with the tools they need to improve their own lives. ATIA works with a network of local partners, providing them with technical and operational support, as well as training.


The support

Fondation CHANEL is supporting ATIA to provide psychosocial support to 7,000 vulnerable families in seven slum towns in Mumbai and two slum towns in Jaipur, India. The project targets women heads of households and aims to help them identify and prioritize their needs, as well as identify the existing public and private services that are available to assist them. Additionally, with the support of the Fondation CHANEL, ATIA will create additional services to help the families access economic opportunities and increase their revenues.

The expected results

  • 7,000 vulnerable women heads of households will receive access to individual psychosocial support and counseling
  • The women will be able to identify and prioritize their needs and increase their confidence in their own ability to improve their lives
  • 7 local organizations will receive access to technical support and training, to learn ATIA’s methodology and adapt it to the context in which they work
  • The beneficiaries will gain access to new economic opportunities, enabling them to increase their household revenues


The partner

ATIA is a non-profit organization that works to empower some of the world’s most vulnerable communities by giving them the will and tools they need to improve their lives by their own means. ATIA is currently supporting more than 47,000 families in Madagascar, India, and Mozambique.

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