Promote the social and professional development of vulnerable women via the economic activity of recycling unsold bread


Atelier Moino 91



Thematic area

Access to economic resources


Since 2016

  • Coaching workshops aim to get employees to regain confidence.
    Coaching workshops aim to get employees to regain confidence.
  • After drying, the bread is carefully placed on the carpet mill.
    After drying, the bread is carefully placed on the carpet mill.

The context

Vulnerable women face a number of barriers to employment and independence, including language difficulties, poor access to housing, and mobility and legal challenges.


The project

The MOINO Atelier 91 was created in 2014 in the Essonne county. This integration project aims to integrate people excluded from the labor market while also contributing to environmental responsibility. It has set up a workshop to repurpose unsold bread for animal feed. 75% of the staff are women. The idea is to help the women gain confidence through socially-conscious employment. The aim is to allow them to evolve, eventually, to other positions with experience with the association.

The re-use of bread as animal feed also serves to reduce waste.


The support

Fondation CHANEL is committed alongside the Workshop Moino 91 to support 10 women to find sustainable employment. It supports the creation of a space for listening and sharing, to facilitate public speaking, prepare for interviews, attend coaching workshops and self-presentation sessions, and to obtain drivers licenses.

The partnership will also allow to create an additional position in the company dedicated to socio-professional follow-up, the organization of  workshops and purchase of educational materials.

The results

  • The association is actively supporting the professional re-integration of its beneficiaries by acting on the myriad barriers to employment (housing, skill levels, mobility, self-confidence). The aim is to increase their job seeking ability in the long term.


The partner

In a spirit of solidarity and enhancement of the local and circular economy, the MOINO Atelier 91 contributes to sustainable repositioning and meets the expectations of society on environmental issues by offering excluded people to find an professionally rewarding activity.

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