Professional opportunities for women asylees and refugees


Upwardly Global


United States of America

Thematic area

Access to economic resources


Since 2017


The context

There are 2 Millions immigrants, refugees and asylees in the US who are highly educated but unemployed or underemployed. Though they possess the necessary skills to succeed, these job seekers often experience years of fruitless attempts to restart their professional careers. Female refugees and asylees face a “double disadvantage” in their job search of having to overcome bias towards foreigners and women.


The project

The global objective of the project is to support greater gender equality in the US workforce on the part of refugee and asylee women. Specifically, the project will empower 315 marginalized women to escape poverty, realize their potential, and achieve long-term economic stability for themselves and their families. It also seeks to share data on the economic and social contributions of female refugees and asylees in the US, in an attempt to counteract pervasive and damaging negative stereotypes.


The support

Fondation CHANEL is providing financial and technical support to Upwardly Global to expand, deepen its impact and strengthen its operations.

The expected results

  • Support 315 female refugee and asylee job seekers to improve their job search and professional networking skills
  • Provide the one-on-one support and network connections needed to place 125 female refugee and asylee women in skill-appropriate, stable employment in the US
  • Track the social and economic benefits of the women’s new employment, with regards to their families and society
  • To counteract negative stereotypes, Upwardly Global also intends to develop a social awareness campaign related to the economic and social contributions of skilled refugee, asylee and immigrant women in the USA


The partner

Upwardly Global (UpGlo) prepares immigrant and refugee professionals for jobs that match their education and skills and provides employers with the know-how to create inclusive hiring practices so they can leverage this untapped and valuable potential.

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