Ensuring Justice for immigrant survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual assault


United States of America

Thematic area

Health and Social protection


Since 2017


The context

South Florida’s agricultural, service, and tourism industries create a fertile environment for human trafficking and exploitation. Immigrant women victims in South Florida have scarce access to overburdened service providers for emergency housing, mental health, and case management services.


The project

AI Justice’s “Lucha” program  provides free comprehensive immigration legal services to a wide range of vulnerable immigrants in South Florida. It provides advocacy and accompaniment to survivors as they cooperate with law enforcement during their investigation of abusers and traffickers and ensures survivors and their children receive the social services they need from community partners. Approximately 300 women and their families are supported each year. AI Justice also works closely with community partners to improve awareness of issues related to human trafficking and abuse.


The support

Fondation CHANEL provides AI Justice with general operating support plus technical assistance on operations and communications in support of the Lucha program. This support ensures that the Lucha program team can ensure that all eligible women receive the long-term support they require to seek justice from their abusers and achieve financial stability.

The results

  • Increased personal safety and financial security for clients and their families Full access to justice for immigrant survivors (especially for gender-based violence)
  • Improved awareness and collaboration of community partners through training and technical assistance


The partner

Americans for Immigrant Justice (AI Justice) is a non-profit law firm that protects and promotes the basic human rights of immigrants.

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