Enabling women survivors of violence to rebuild their self-confidence and find employment


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Thematic area

Leadership and decision making


Depuis 2017


The context

In Spain, 22% of women are jobless and more than one out of 10 women is a victim of violence. It is a vicious circle because the more vulnerable and excluded from society these women are, the more invisible they are, which makes them more likely to hold low-responsibility positions, which translates to low salaries…and causes society to further marginalize them. For the Ana Bella Foundation, these women should no longer be viewed as victims, but rather as “survivors”, who had the courage to resist and to speak out.


The project

The Fundación Ana Bella created the Ana Bella School for Women’s Empowerment. It provides personal and professional training to women survivors of violence. Self-esteem is fostered through individual coaching and employment placement focuses on “stepping stone” jobs that enable the women to hold positions that involve direct contact with the public. Both aspects of the training promote restored self-confidence in interpersonal relationships and serve as a springboard toward employment.


The support

Fondation CHANEL is supporting this project to enable the Fundación Ana Bella to increase the number of women it assists and thus transform the lives of nearly 3,000 women between now and 2019. The project has two aims: give women who have experienced violence a job and self-confidence, while also turning them into changemakers women encouraging other women to get free from violence and raising a collective level of awareness.

The expected results

  • Some 1,000 women per year will participate in direct sales training and receive individual coaching to prepare them for the job market
  • Of those women, 75% will secure stepping stone jobs as “brand ambassadors” and 25% will find lasting employment or become entrepreneurs
  • Society’s perception of violence against women is changing thanks to the vocal presence of these women “survivors” in public and professional spaces


The partner

The Fundación Ana Bella was created in 2006 to help and support women victims of violence in Spain.

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