Give refugee and migrant women access to quality physical and mental healthcare


Médecins du Monde


France Italy Greece

Thematic area

Health and Social protection


Since 2017

  • Refugee camp in Serbia, February, 23th
    Refugee camp in Serbia, February, 23th

The context

Refugees overcome dire circumstances to arrive in Europe, where many barriers prevent them from receiving treatment and exercising their rights. Some 30% to 50% of these refugees are women and children, who face additional challenges, including physical, psychological and sexual violence resulting in pregnancy, along with severely limited access to contraception and lack of protections for their childhood.


The project

Médecins du Monde works all along the migrant path to reestablish instant access to treatment and bear witness to the realities on the ground. In France, Italy, Greece and Serbia, there are specific initiatives to meet the needs of women: counseling, prenatal care and delivery services, access to contraception and violence prevention and recovery. Training other stakeholders and gathering data help improve access to healthcare and secure their rights.


The support

Fondation CHANEL is supporting this project to give 12,800 women refugees and migrants direct, immediate access to healthcare and protective services. The foundation’s assistance is also strengthening existing resources.

The expected results

  • Immediate access to healthcare and protective services for 12,800 refugee and migrant women
  • Quality medical treatment and counseling in the areas in which it works and help for women seeking other services (legal system, housing)
  • Skills and knowledge building for local actors (medical personnel, social workers and housing centers) to meet the needs of refugee and migrant women
  • Production of quantitative and qualitative data on the status of refugee women to improve existing support mechanisms and substantiate advocacy messaging


The partner

Médecins du Monde is an independent international movement that mobilizes engaged activists who administer treatment, bear witness and support social change. Through innovative medical programs and fact-based advocacy work, Médecins du Monde enables everyone to receive healthcare while fighting for universal access to treatment.

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