Fondation CHANEL supports projects with the desire to have an impact on both individual women and women’s organizations. It seeks to achieve tangible and sustainable results in favor of women’s empowerment and women’s rights.

The Foundation team analyzes project proposals based on their relevance, sustainability, financial viability and capacity to measure impact. The Foundation meets with project leaders before presenting finalist proposals to its Board, which meets four times per year. The projects that are selected are formalized through a joint convention.

Relationship with partners

Fondation CHANEL engages with partners in four ways:

  • Provision of medium-term financial support (grants) for both proven and experimental projects;
  • Close relationships and mentoring throughout the project period;
  • Direct involvement of Chanel employees to strengthen our partner organizations in specific technical areas;
  • Monitoring, evaluation and knowledge management


Proposals must be clear, concise and complete. They should focus on the specific contents of the projects and avoid general information.

Additionally, proposals should be:


Based on a clear situation analysis and evidence review related to women’s empowerment.


Projects should be developed with long-term sustainability in mind.


Complete information about the organization and project is available  and the organization has the capacity to provide quality technical and financial reports at regular intervals.


The records and all documents submitted may be in English or French.



Fondation CHANEL supports non-profit organizations, women’s associations, community organizations, social enterprises, and national or regional pooled funds.

Projects eligible for support should focus on women’s empowerment, related to one or more of the following thematic areas:

  • Economic resources and entrepreneurship
  • Education and vocational training
  • Leadership and decision-making
  • Health and social protection services
  • Culture, Sports and New Technologies

Projects are generally 2-3 years in duration.

The geographical location of projects must be focused in one or several of the Foundation’s priority countries.

Organizations seeking funding must demonstrate that they possess the necessary skills and experience to implement programs responsibly and achieve measurable results related to gender equality.


The following types of request are not eligible for support from Fondation CHANEL:

  • Special events, particularly with advertising or commercial interests;
  • Scholarships or individual research grants
  • Projects with religious objectives

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No ongoing calls for proposals.