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Access to economic resources

Promoting access to employment or entrepreneurship in order to achieve financial independence and reduce discrimination.

Entrepreneurship is an essential lever for women to generate income and become more integrated in their communities, economic and social lives. There are systemic and recurring obstacles to female entrepreneurship in many countries, however, including difficulties in accessing funding, balancing work and family and building self-confidence.

It is recognized that when women earn and manage their own money, they reinvest 90% into their family (nutrition, health and education).

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Education and training

Providing access to education and vocational training as essential conditions for employment and sustainable improvement of the economic and social situation of women.

Ensuring girls’ access to education remains a priority in many countries, as education and vocational training for women are critical mechanisms for reducing poverty.
Girls encounter numerous obstacles to accessing basic schooling, higher education and then securing stable employment. Moreover, their career choices are frequently constrained by legislation and social norms.

Eliminating the barriers affecting access to employment of women and girls would result in a 25%  increase of productivity in certain countries Education and vocational training represent a significant means to alleviate poverty.

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Leadership and decision making

Strengthening girls’ and women’s agency, self-confidence, and ability to claim their rights and improve gender equality.

Lack of self-confidence is one of the barriers to women’s career advancement and equal access to paid employment. As women become more confident, well informed and independent, they can be more capable of protecting themselves against violence and can get more involved in social and community life.

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Health and Social protection

Ensuring access to health care and social protection as a prerequisite for independence.

Health is a prerequisite for the participation of women and girls in society. Access to quality reproductive health information and services are fundamental to their rights and autonomy. Yet 800 women still die every day from preventable causes related to complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

Improving social protection, health and the status of women helps to reduce early marriage and pregnancy, and promotes school retention.  This has beneficial effects on women’s future income and participation in the labor market, as well as the future survival and health of their children.

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Culture and sport

Promoting access to sports and cultural activities as a means for personal expression, the development of social skills and professional integration.

The participation of women and girls in sports helps fight against gender stereotypes and eliminate entrenched attitudes and discriminatory practices. These opportunities help increase leadership and participation while guaranteeing equal access to physical activities and self-expression.

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Women in the Arts

The Foundation promotes the contribution and visibility of women in art and culture.


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On a case- by- case basis, Fondation CHANEL can support emergency projects affecting vulnerable populations, especially women and children.

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Médecins du Monde
Give refugee and migrant women access to quality physical and mental healthcare
Promoting women in the Arts
Healthy Steps
Breaking the cycle of violence, poverty and risk to vulnerable women and their children
The Womanity Foundation
Create and distribute online animated stories to educate women about their rights and their role in society
Emmaüs Défi
Creating job opportunities and building self-confidence for the most vulnerable women
Rede Asta
Developing the skills of a network of women artisans
CARE France
Diversification of activities and networking of women’s farming groups
Empowerment of adolescent girls through an educational and entertaining radio program
Fundacion Ana Bella
Enabling women survivors of violence to rebuild their self-confidence and find employment
Jane Addams Resource Corporation
Enabling women to obtain employment in the metalworking and manufacturing sectors
CNIDFF (Centre national d'information sur les droits des femmes et des familles)
Encourage and promote sports and exercise for women living in priority neighborhoods
Girls Inc.
Promoting leadership and life skills among vulnerable adolescent girls
Global Press Institute
Training and Employing Women Journalists
Marie Stopes International
Improving women’s health while developing sustainable economic opportunities for female community health workers
Upwardly Global
Professional opportunities for women asylees and refugees
Atelier Moino 91
Promote the social and professional development of vulnerable women via the economic activity of recycling unsold bread
WAHA International
Provide medical care to Syrian refugees, arriving on the Greek islands of Lesbos, Samos, Chios and Kos
Officina Creativa
Providing women in prison access to employment and vocational training so they have a “second chance” to rebuild their lives
Plan International France
Train vulnerable migrants to access the Chinese labor market
Street League
Using sports to support young, vulnerable women to join the workforce
Plan International France
Vocational training integrating gender equality
Hot Bread Kitchen
Vocational training integrating the manufacture and sale of food products
Unis Cité
Youth mentoring to develop their solidarity initiatives


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