No more invisible women!

Every year, for International Women’s Day, Fondation CHANEL organizes events to raise awareness about women’s empowerment among employees. The Foundation is also mobilized alongside its partners for whom this day remains a powerful tool for awareness raising and action.
“This year, for International Women’s Day, Fondation CHANEL chose to highlight “invisible women”.
Did you know that the oldest university in the world was created by a woman? That the father of the Rock’n Roll was not a father but a mother? That in France only 2% of street names are named after a woman? That only 3% of biographies in French school textbooks are dedicated to women? That on Wikipedia only 17% of pages are dedicated to female personalities?
The invisibilization of women in all spheres of society and in all sectors reinforces the illusion that women have had little or no role in the history of the world.

Awareness within the Company:

To counteract this phenomenon, Fondation CHANEL has raised awareness among thousands of employees by organizing:

  • An ONLINE QUIZ, to discover 10 “unknown” women who changed History
  • CONFERENCES to present the stories of unknown women, organized in different countries around the world


A partnership with UNESCO:

Fondation CHANEL is also a partner of the #WIKI4WOMEN initiative, which calls on everyone to take a few minutes (around 10 minutes) of their time to create, enrich or translate, in as many languages as possible, Wikipedia profiles of women engaged in the fields of education, science, culture, social and human sciences, or communication and information.
Thursday March 8th, on International Women’s Day 2018, among other activities, UNESCO Headquarters in Paris hosts over 150 contributors, UNESCO’s staff, members of Permanent Delegations, partners, representatives of civil society, students, and the general public to actively participate in increasing the number of Wikipedia profiles of women and help bridge the gender gap on the Internet.
More broadly, the initiative aims to mobilize different stakeholders already engaged in these issues to enhance the visibility of women in the digital sphere.
The other partners of this initiative are Wikimedia Foundation, the Canadian Commission to UNESCO, the Cultural Diplomacy Platform of the European Union, Iceland, Swedenand the French National Audiovisual Institute.

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