Hurdles, a short film about gender equality

UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Watson, recently co-produced the short film “Hurdles”, which summarises the major past and future battles regarding gender equality.
The 24-year old actress is committed to empowering women and involved in the HeForShe campaign which promotes gender equality.
On 24 September 2016, she published her first short film, “Hurdles”, on Twitter.  The film uses sports as a metaphor to symbolise the road to equality, using archival footage from the women’s 80 metre hurdles at the 1964 Olympic Games. Each hurdle represents a step forward in the battle for gender equality. The film is narrated by Emma Watson and set to Sia’s “Chandelier”.
This video was produced as part of which took place from 18 to 25 September 2016 and whose website presents the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

To watch the short video 

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