Barometer of Social Entrepreneurship : focus on female entrepreneurs

The 2017 Barometer of Social Entrepreneurship was presented on 12 January 2017 during a conference organised by the non-profit organisation Convergences. The event’s theme was the impact of social entrepreneurship on cities and territories. The Barometer features portraits of male and female entrepreneurs who have made substantial contributions to social business models that promote inclusive and sustainable societies.
Miren Bengoa, Executive Director of Fondation CHANEL, spoke about the value of female social entrepreneurship as a means of social innovation and women’s empowerment.
According to the study carried out by the European Women’s Lobby (EWL): “In 2015, 88% of female entrepreneurs felt more empowered and fulfilled due to their social entrepreneurship project.”
Female entrepreneurs want to change mindsets. For at least 80% of women entrepreneurs, the goal is to have a positive social impact as well as turning a profit. “This shows a strong commitment to fighting against discrimination and other forms of marginalisation in our societies”, highlights Miren Bengoa.
Fondation CHANEL supports several female entrepreneurship projects, by offering technical support, training or financial aid in order to reduce the barriers to starting socially responsible businesses.

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