3 questions to Alice Freitas

3 questions to Alice Freitas, co-founder of Rede Asta

  1. What is Rede Asta’s mission?

Rede Asta is a social enterprise whose purpose is to help reduce social inequalities in Brazil. Rede Asta aims to optimise the work of small artisanal groups by giving them access to training. In order to do so, Rede Asta provides artisans with know-how and access to several sales distribution channels.
We aim to improve production processes and the quality of the products, but also to train networks of female artisans in order to create social ties and increase the number of sales channels.

  1. What important elements emerged from the external assessment you carried out?

For the first time, after 11 years of activity, we were able to carry out an external assessment of our social impact, with the support of Womanity Foundation and Fondation CHANEL.
Three important themes emerged, demonstrating the positive impact of our activities supporting artisans:
1 . An improvement in the quality of products and the professional sales expertise of the artisans.
2 . The income generated by Asta from the sale of artisanal products increases the total income of the artisans concerned by an average of 25%. This income also guarantees the purchase of essen14tial items for the majority of families generally living below the poverty line.
3 . Asta allows artisans to work together and exchange knowledge. The network allows them to share their experiences and ensures they are no longer isolated.

  1. What can you tell us about the partnership with Fondation CHANEL?

The partnership with Fondation CHANEL is based on trust. The Foundation’s team is highly committed to its mission and very aware of the social and cultural challenges. This partnership allowed Asta to build on its activities, both in terms of quantity and quality, and to offer social support to local artisans.

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